Eiffel Tower elopement wedding

Most couples eloping to Paris ask me for an Eiffel Tower elopement wedding. The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic landmark in Paris and symbolizes love and romance. So what could be a better place to get married in Paris than the Eiffel Tower? As your experienced Paris elopement photographer I can support you plan you Eiffel Tower elopement wedding. And if you need a bit more help planning & coordinating then you should get in touch with Paris celebrant Laura Montorio. She officiated Beth & Ron’s Paris elopement ceremony at the Eiffel Tower and also planned and coordinated the couple’s Eiffel Tower elopement wedding.

Paris elopement timing & itinerary

As elopement photographer in Paris I often work with Paris officiant Laura. So we both worked hand in hand creating a great Paris elopement photoshoot itinerary as well as wedding day timeline for Beth & Ron. The couple mainly wanted to have their Paris wedding photo session as well as their intimate elopement ceremony near the Eiffel Tower. Additionally they wanted another great location with beautiful and iconic Parisian architecture. So as their elopement photographer in Paris I suggested the Louvre area as we can take a variety of wedding pictures there for instance at the famous Louvre pyramid as well as around the Louvre palace with it’s archway and courtyard.

Also it is very important to start an Eiffel Tower elopement wedding as early in the morning as possible to avoid crowds and be as quiet and intimate as possible for the wedding ceremony. Moreover in the morning we can enjoy the best possible light that is soft and flattering for the Paris elopement photo session. So on their wedding day we met Beth & Ron at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise. And you can see on their pictures that we had great light and no crowds in the background of their photos. So timing is really key for an Eiffel Tower elopement wedding.

Eiffel Tower elopement wedding

As their English speaking elopement photographer in Paris I started their wedding photo shoot at Trocadero square, a view platform with scenic stairs and a fantastic view on the Eiffel Tower. After that we went to the Eiffel Tower gardens to have a more quiet and intimate moment for Beth & Ron’s ceremony, which was very romantic and emotional. The Paris Officiant had even arranged for flower petals to toss at the end of the ceremony when the newly weds are kissing, which looked so nice on their wedding photos.

We then went to a third Eiffel Tower location, a cute Parisian street with typical architecture and a view on the Eiffel Tower. This was a great location for me to take photos of the newly weds with their French vintage car. This was also the perfect moment for Beth & Ron to open a bottle of champagne and celebrate that they just got married in Paris. As Paris elopement photographer I love this Eiffel Tower street view – especially in fall during autumn foliage when leaves are changing color.

As a last location for Beth & Ron’s wedding photoshoot we went to the Louvre just as planned

Paris elopement vendors & details

Beth & Ron’s Eiffel Tower elopement wedding was especially pretty, because the couple was just gorgeous and so in love. And also because they had thought about all the pretty details – and had great help from Paris officiant Laura planning and coordinating their Paris elopement wedding.

Beth was starting her day before sunrise as a hair and makeup artist came to her hotel to create her beautiful bridal look. The couple decided for a violet color theme, so officiant Laura had arranged for a wedding bouquet and boutonniere in different shades of violet, purple and white. Also the French classic car was adding an elegant touch to Beth & Ron’s Paris elopement. And the champagne and flower petals that Laura brought were just the little details that made this Eiffel Tower elopement wedding so complete and beautiful.

As your Paris elopement photographer I am also happy to send you recommendations for other vendors that you may need for your elopement in Paris such as wedding officiant, Paris videographer, bridal beauty, wedding flowers, transportation. If you prefer to have someone who plans and coordinates your day though, I would recommend to reach out to Laura.

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