Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot

Ashley & Oscar got married in Paris in winter with an Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot and wedding ceremony. Even in during the cool season eloping in Paris is not only possible but very romantic. You just need to prepare properly for a Paris elopement in winter. Just as Ashley & Oscar did for their Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot and wedding ceremony in Paris.

Why not eloping in Paris in winter?

Ashley & Oscar eloped to Paris in February around Valentine’s Day. The winter months are pretty cool in Paris, here you can find average temperatures, rain fall and seasonal weather: https://www.holiday-weather.com/paris/averages/ However as English speaking elopement photographer in Paris I work all year round and have already worked with many couples who had scheduled their Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot and ceremony in winter.

Even if winter is the coldest season in Paris, it is also the time of the year where Paris is not so busy with tourists. This is a big advantage for your Paris elopement, as you don’t have to worry so much about crowds. Moreover as experienced Paris elopement photographer I always recommend to plan elopement photo shoot and ceremony at the Eiffel at sunrise – to be as intimate as possible and to have the best light possible.

In winter sunrise time is later than in summer, so you don’t have to wake up so extremely early for your Paris elopement in winter. In winter sun is rising at around 7.45-8.45 AM in the morning. In summer sunrise time is as early as 5.45-6.45 AM in the morning. So eloping to Paris in winter means you can sleep a little longer than for a summer elopement in Paris and still enjoy the best possible circumstances regarding light and crowds.

Getting married at the Eiffel Tower

We started Ashley & Oscar’s Paris elopement with their wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower. English speaking Paris celebrant Laura Montorio, from The Paris Officiant, had created a very personal and romantic ceremony for the couple from the USA. If you want a bespoke and meaningful ceremony for your elopement in Paris you should definitely get in touch with her. Paris officiant Laura had also arranged to have flower petals for a toss at the end of the ceremony when Ashley & Oscar were kissing. As Paris elopement photographer I love a flower petal toss for an Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot – it just looks great on Paris wedding pictures.

Also both I and Paris celebrant Laura had recommended Ashley to wear enough during the ceremony. Because when exchanging vows and having their wedding blessing bride and groom are not moving much for around 15 minutes. So this is moment when it’s most likely to start freezing. But Paris bride Ashley was well prepared: She wore a warm fake fur stole over her wedding gown, which kept her warm and looked gorgeous. Usually the cold is not such a big challenge for the grooms as their tux or wedding suit anyway consist of several layers.

Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot

After Ashley & Oscar’s wedding ceremony, we continued their Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot with wedding pictures on Trocadero square. As local elopement photographer in Paris I love this place to shoot wedding photos, because the view on the Eiffel Tower is simply stunning. It’s the most popular Eiffel Tower elopement photoshoot location for a reason!

As a second location for their Paris elopement photo session the newly weds chose the Louvre area. The Louvre is a great photoshoot and elopement location in Paris – especially if the weather is not great and there is a risk of rain. Because the Louvre not only offers the famous glass pyramid and palace courtyard as a backdrop for your Paris elopement wedding. But the Louvre also has gorgeous archways. These elegant galleries are beautiful because of their traditional Parisian architecture. And they are also covered, so in case it rains we are protected there for your elopement ceremony as well as for your Paris elopement photoshoot.

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