Paris lifestyle photoshoot

This Paris lifestyle photoshoot will provide you with lots of tips and inspiration for your own fashion or solo photo session in Paris – especially if you are planning it in winter. Keep reading to know how I planned this winter solo photo session with blogger Evelyn.

How to plan a Paris solo photoshoot in winter

Evelyn came to visit Paris by herself just for a couple of days. She did not want to miss out on the chance to have a professional solo photo session in Paris to remember her trip to the city of lights and also to have some professional pictures taken of herself that she would be able to use as a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger for her Paris travel blog post as well for her social media to post on her Instagram. She just could not miss the opportunity to schedule a professional Paris lifestyle photoshoot.

The young woman traveled to Paris in the beginning of the February, which is in the middle of winter in Paris. The weather is usually pretty cold and temperatures are rather low. Evelyn is originally from Texas, so she is not used to cold winters. So as her experienced Paris fashion and lifestyle photographer I made sure that she was aware of the weather conditions and temperature, so that she would be able to be ready for these conditions.

So on the day of our Paris lifestyle photoshoot Evelyn arrived well prepared to our meeting point at the Eiffel Tower, where we would start her Paris solo photo session. As she was a fashion and lifestyle blogger she was able to put together a great winter outfit, that looks fabulous on her Paris lifestyle photos and would also keep her warm during the shoot.

She choose an outfit mainly in black – black sweater, black pants, black boots – with a gorgeous brown furry coat. To make it look even more Parisian she also wore a typical French hat, called beret, in red and a designer handbag. This outfit looked casual yet sophisticate on her fashion photos in Paris and also definitely kept her warm during our Paris lifestyle photoshoot.

Paris lifestyle photoshoot at Eiffel Tower & Louvre

Evelyn wanted me to take mainly casual and candid Paris lifestyle photos of herself. So as her English speaking Paris photographer I was focusing on mainly taking natural, dynamic and candid photos and just here and there proposing some poses when it would especially fit with the photoshoot location and circumstances. This way I was able to create the kind of influencer photography style that Evelyn was looking for.

As she was an experienced model and did not need a lot of guidance we were able to move and shoot rather quickly. But don’t worry, if are not comfortable moving in front of a camera or if it is even your first professional photo session, I am more than happy to suggest poses, provide you with lots of tips on how to move in front of my lens and will guide you through the entire photo session in Paris.

For Evelyn’s solo fashion photoshoot we were traveling to four different locations that morning, as she wanted to have a variety of Parisian backdrops for her Paris fashion pictures. The famous Eiffel Tower of course had to be part of our photoshoot locations. So we started at the Trcadero where we had a great view on the Eiffel Tower. Then I brought Evelyn to a typical Parisian street with cobble stone, lamp posts and authentic architecture, where we took a few more Paris solo photos with an Eiffel Tower view.

We then took a ride to elegant Alexander III bridge, which is by itself a beautiful photoshoot location, plus we still could see the Eiffel Tower from this Paris photoshoot location. Last but no least we finished her Paris lifestyle photoshoot at the Louvre museum with solo photos at the Louvre pyramid and palace courtyard. As fashion photograher in Paris I had so much fun shooting Evelyn’s lifestyle pictures and was so happy that she loved the result.

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