Gay Elopement in Paris with the Eiffel Tower & the Louvre, in the 20s Fashion Style

In mid-October, I had the pleasure of capturing the intimate elopement of Kim & Dawn amidst the enchanting backdrop of Paris. Despite the chilly weather, the natural light was simply gorgeous this time of the year, giving a soft haze that matched perfectly the Dawn’s pastel dress.

We started the shoot on the quiet riverbanks, with the majestic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower just behind. Free from the usual crowds of tourists, this spot was the perfect setting for Kim and Dawn’s ceremony. Conducted by Laura The Paris Officiant, they exchanged vows of love and commitment. I was so excited to capture every moment!

Following the ceremony, we celebrated with a bottle of champagne. Bubbles for everyone! 😀

With spirits high and hearts full, we continued our photo session to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. That’s another great angle on the Eiffel Tower! It was a moment of pure magic, as the soft hues of dawn and clouds painted the sky in shades of pastel blue.

For the end of the shoot, we moved to the Louvre to pose in of its opened for public galeries. Amidst the timeless architecture. That was an ideal moment to capture some dancing poses, as well as solo portraits and close-up for the details. Laura, the officiant, had prepared a beautiful certificate!

The final touch was the iconic photos next to the Glass Pyramid of the Louvre, covered with fantastic clouds’ reflection.

As far as I remember, right after we finished the shoot, Kim & Dawn happily changed to sneakers and walked to the Ritz Hotel, where they booked a table to continue the celebration!

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