A Classic Paris Elopement at the Trocadero, the the Tuileries and the Ceremony at the Louvre

Sandra and Christian’s elopement shoot in Paris was an absolute dream from start to finish!

From the moment I saw Sandra in her breathtaking wedding gown, I was captivated by her beauty. When I found out that she did her hairstyle herself, I was simply shocked! Well, she was also quite experiences as a model 🙂

Our itinerary was to through some of Paris’ most iconic locations. The first one was the renowned Trocadero platform and stairs, a must-visit spot for any couple tying the knot in the city of love!

Thanks to the sunrise, we had the opportunity to capture some truly magical moments before the crowds arrived. The wide-angle shots on the stairs were especially stunning, showcasing the grandeur of the location and the love between Sandra and Christian.

Moving on to the serene streets of rue de Camoëns, we found ourselves in a quieter, more intimate setting. Against the backdrop of a famous balcony, Sandra and Christian shared a kiss that would soon become legendary on my Instagram, captivating viewers with the sheer romance of the moment.

Then we moved to the Tuileries garden, where, bathed in the soft light of September, the atmosphere seemed to shimmer with enchantment. Every alley and pathway became a stage for Sandra and Christian’s love story, illuminated by the golden hues of the setting sun!

Finally, we made our way to the Louvre, where we concluded the shoot with a heartfelt ceremony in one of its majestic galleries. Surrounded by timeless architecture, Sandra and Christian exchanged vows, their love echoing through the halls of history.

Reflecting on the day, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the perfect weather, the ethereal light, and the impeccable timing that allowed us to enjoy each location without the interruption of crowds. It was truly one of the most classical and beautiful sessions of my career, a testament to the enduring magic of love in the city of Paris!

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