Eiffel Tower Family photo session

Lynn was planning an Eiffel Tower Family photo session while on a trip to Paris. Together we planned the ideal duration and timeline of her photo session as well as her photoshoot location. I also gave her some tips how to choose outfits for a family photoshoot in Paris – and the result was absolutely gorgeous.

Planning a family photoshoot in Paris

Lynn was planning a family trip to Paris. She reached out to me to book an Eiffel Tower family photo session. The mother of two wanted to use the chance while visiting the city of lights with her husband and children to create beautiful family keepsakes of this special trip to Paris. As her Paris photographer I thought this was an excellent idea. Many of my clients tell me how important it is for them to schedule a professional photoshoot with their family every now and then. Because children are growing up so quickly and having beautiful family photos are great memories of these precious moments with their family and kids.

Once Lynn had booked her Eiffel Tower family photo session with me we started planning her shoot in detail. First we discussed about potential photoshoot locations in Paris. She loved the Eiffel Tower, but also Alexander III bridge. At the same time she only wanted to book a rather short photo session of one hour, because of the rather cool temperature of the season – she planned her trip in March.

Also she wanted it to be fun for her children and not too long. Within a one hour photo session we can cover one area or location. So in the end she decided that she would prefer the Eiffel Tower. So the location for her Eiffel Tower family photo session was set: Trocadero square, where we would be able to enjoy stunning view on the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Family photo session

The morning we met for their Eiffel Tower family photo session, temperature were chilly. But we had beautiful weather with nice sunshine. We started their family photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower mid morning, around two hours after sunrise. That meant that the sun was already a bit higher in the sky which created a magical haze in the background of their Eiffel Tower family photos in Paris. As their photographer in Paris I was really happy about the beautiful light conditions.

Also I really loved the elegant outfits the family chose for their Paris photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. Lynn had asked me before their shoot, if I had some tips and advice which outfits work best for their Paris family photo session. And as their experienced family photographer in Paris I shares some suggestions regarding colors, style, etc. But of course I had no idea which outfits they would choose in the end. What a lovely surprise, the entire family was dressed so elegantly. Lynn’s sequin dress was absolutely fantastic and sparkling in the sun. Also her daughter pink dress was so gorgeous and her husband’s and son’s elegant suits matched perfectly. I knew their outfits would look great on their Eiffel Tower family pictures in Paris.

We took some classic family portrait photos as well as some elegant couple pictures on the Trocadero view platform with an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower. Then we went to the Eiffel Tower gardens that are in the same Trocadero area to take a few more candid shots on a cute little path. Even if the two children were still young, they were just as excited about their Eiffel Tower family photo session and were posing like pros. I am so thankful that I was able to help Lynn create beautiful memories of her family in Paris and I am so happy that she was absolutely in love with her Paris family photographer portrait photos.

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