Wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower

This Paris elopement with wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower was so special and cute, because Polly & Jordan’s children were present and celebrating with their parents. I really love it when kids are witnessing their parent’s Paris elopement wedding. And as experienced Paris elopement photographer I know how to make a Paris elopement and wedding ceremony romantic for the couple and fun for the children.

Paris elopement with family wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower

Polly & Jordan wanted their Paris elopement to be mainly about their wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower. Celebrating their union and having some family wedding pictures together with their 4 children was absolutely crucial to them.

If you are celebrating your Paris elopement together with your kids then as your English speaking elopement photographer in Paris I’d like to share the following tips with you:

1. Timing for your Paris elopement with kids

Plan your Paris elopement and wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower in the morning, so that you don’t have too many other people and distractions around – but not too early. Usually I plan elopements in Paris at sunrise, especially at the Eiffel Tower. But for Polly & Jordan’s Paris elopement wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower we decided for mid morning as a good compromise. So that their kids did not have to wake up too early, but we would still have pretty light and not too many crowds.

2. Location for family wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower

As we did not start Polly & Jordan’s Paris elopement at sunrise we needed to find a scenic spot for their wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower that would not be too busy already by mid morning. Their English speaking celebrant in Paris Laura Montorio from The Paris Officiant therefore recommended to officiate their wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower at the Seine riverside. Because the Seine riverbanks are still pretty quiet and empty even by mid/ late morning and offer a great view on the Eiffel Tower for their Paris elopement ceremony.

3. Making kids part of the Paris wedding celebration

If you want your child or children to be part of your Paris elopement, I highly recommend that you also bring another adult friend or family member who can help you with your kids on your Paris wedding day. Polly’s mother was witnessing the couple’s Paris elopement as well. She was around to keep an eye on the kids when Polly & Jordan were taking couple photos alone. Also when the children were getting impatient during the ceremony she just played a bit with them nearby so that Polly & Jordan were able to exchange their wedding vows and enjoy an intimate and romantic moment during their wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower.

At the same time Paris officiant Laura made sure to include the kids as well. She brought a bunch of flower petals for the kids to toss at the end of the wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower, which was really a fun moment.

4. Duration of elopement photoshoot with kids

As professional elopement photographer in Paris I also recommend to plan a rather short wedding photo session when eloping in Paris with your children. A 1-2 hour Paris elopement photo session is ideal, otherwise your kids may get impatient and sometimes a little grumpy.

Polly & Jordan decided for a 2 hour Paris wedding photoshoot. We started with family and couple photos at the Eiffel Tower Trocadero, followed by their wedding ceremony near Eiffel Tower at the Seine riverside. After that we tool a ride to the Louvre museum and took a few more wedding photos, bridal portraits and family pictures at the Louvre pyramid and Louvre palace.

As Paris elopement photographer I always try to make the Paris elopement photo session fun for the kids. Of course classic family portraits in Paris are a must. But also a few fun, candid and natural Paris family wedding pictures should be part of the Paris elopement photography portfolio.

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