Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot

An Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot or cherry blossom elopement in Paris is absolutely magical and so special. Also because it is something only very few couple manage to have. That’s because cherry blossom trees only bloom at a very specific time and for a very short period. But as your photographer in Paris I will help you with tips and advice to increase your chances for a Paris photo session during spring bloom with cherry blossom trees. And even if you miss cherry bloom, Paris is so beautiful and there are so many pretty photoshoot locations any time of the year.

Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot

Fern & Max reached out to me about a month before their romantic trip to Paris to book a couple photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. They wanted to capture some romantic and candid couple photos in Paris in spring time. Fern & Max were hoping that they would be able to enjoy spring bloom and especially cherry blossom tress while in Paris for their Paris photo session.

As their experienced photographer in Paris I know that it isn’t so easy to catch cherry blossom trees in full bloom, you have to be a little bit lucky. Because cherry blossoms start blooming some time between late March and late April, depending on temperature and weather conditions that year, and last for only one week to ten days. So even if you plan your trip during within this period in spring to be able to have an Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot or a cherry blossom wedding in Paris, you just can’t know for sure. But that makes an Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot even more magical and special.

Fern & Alex were lucky: They had planned their Paris couple photo session in early April. That year weather and temperature in March were quite mild, and the pink cherry blossom trees starting blooming rather early. So when the couple arrived in Paris the cherry trees were in full bloom – and they dream of an Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot came true. What a wonderful surprise for my couple.

Romantic couple photography in Paris

In the morning of Fern & Alex Eiffel Tower cherry blossom photoshoot the weather was incredible: mild temperature and plenty of sunshine. We started their Eiffel Tower photo session at Trocadero square, where we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise in soft pink tones. As their English speaking photographer in Paris I had recommend to meet so early in the morning not only to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, but also to avoid crowds. Not every couple feels comfortable moving in front of the camera – especially when there are many other people around watching. Luckily we were at the Eiffel Tower early enough, there was practically nobody else around but us.

After taking a few classic couple portrait pictures on Trocadero square with a magical view on the Eiffel Tower, we finally went down to Trocadero gardens just a few minutes walk by foot away. There are many beautiful cherry blossom trees at the Eiffel Tower gardens and we enjoy using them for some romantic Paris couple photos. Fern’s pretty flower dress was a perfect match!

After that we continued our Paris couple photo shoot at some Eiffel Tower locations that many people don’t know: Seine riverbanks, Bir-hakeim bridge, an authentic Parisian street and a hidden staircase. The light was awesome, we were nearly always alone and could have all the space only for us. As their Paris engagement photographer I loved shooting Fern & Alex Paris couple photo session at the Eiffel Tower and I am so happy that the lovely couple was amazed by the result.

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