Engagement pink sunrise photo shoot in Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the Tuileries

Aaron and Emily had been eagerly anticipating their engagement photo session, wanting it to be nothing short of extraordinary. Emily expressed her desire for something classic, envisioning a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower against the soft hues of a pink sunrise – a rare sight that adds a magical touch to any photograph.

As their photographer, I understood the challenge of capturing such a fleeting moment amidst the bustling crowds at the Trocadero, especially in May when the sunrise draws countless admirers. However, luck was on our side as we found ourselves alone during this enchanting pink sunrise hour! Special thanks to Emily’s parents who graciously assisted with belongings while I focused solely on capturing the beauty before us. The resulting photos were nothing short of stunning, a testament to the magic of the moment.

For the second part of the shoot, and with a change of outfit, we ventured into the serene surroundings of the Tuileries garden. As the sun grew stronger, we decided to go to the alley with a picturesque view of the Louvre, allowing us to continue our session comfortably.

Our photo adventure concluded in the middle of the Tuileries garden, next to one of the famous round fountains. Though by then, the once-empty pathways were now dotted with curious tourists as the morning progressed: it was already 9am. They are hidden by the fountain 🙂

Despite the crowds, Aaron and Emily’s love shone brightly, captured forever in the beauty of Parisian landmarks and the warmth of the morning sun.

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