Eiffel Tower surprise proposal

If you are planning an Eiffel Tower surprise proposal in Paris then as your Paris photographer I can capture this special moment into Paris proposal photos and also help you planning the engagement photoshoot and Paris proposal as a complete surprise for your girlfriend. Keep reading to find out how I helped Scott planning his Eiffel Tower proposal as a total surprise for his girlfriend Kennedy.

How to plan a Paris surprise proposal

Scott contacted me as he planned an Eiffel Tower surprise proposal during a romantic trip to Paris with his girlfriend Kennedy. He was booking me as their Paris porposal photographer so that I could capture this important moment in their relationship when Scott would propose in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. Such a romantic idea!

He wanted to make sure, that it would be a real surprise proposal without Kennedy knowing anything at all about his plans to propose to her in Paris. So Scott booked his Eiffel Tower surprise proposal photoshoot with me, but did not tell Kennedy anything about the photo session. As experienced photographer in Paris I could totally understand that he wanted to keep everything a secret, so that Kennedy would not have the slightest idea, that he would propose in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.

However as his English speaking Paris photographer I suggested that he would come up with an excuse, to give Kennedy a reason to dress up a bit. Because I have often experienced and captured complete surprise proposals at the Eiffel Tower, when the girlfriend was in sweat pants or very casual travel clothes. Of course, because she had no idea that there would be a surprise proposal with an Eiffel Tower photoshoot, so she simply was in her opinion not ready for a professional photo session in Paris. That’s why many girls then want to redo their photo session, in order to have Paris proposal photos where they are dressed and made up in a way that they like for these important pictures.

That’s why Scott came up an excuse and pretended that he had booked a nice luxury restaurant where they would have a fancy Parisian breakfast and brunch. So Kennedy had the chance to dress up nicely and be ready for a Paris photoshoot – even if she did not know about it.

Successful Eiffel Tower surprise proposal

On the morning of the Eiffel Tower surprise proposal photo session I was waiting a the Trocadero area, where we would have a beautiful view on the Eiffel Tower for their Paris surprise proposal. As their local Paris photographer I had agreed on a plan with Scott beforehand, which worked out perfectly on the proposal day. So I was pretending to wait for a couple to shoot as a professional photographer in Paris, when Scott came up to me asking me – as if we wouldn’t know each other – whether I could take a quick photo of the two of them.

I said that it wouldn’t be any problem as I am anyway waiting for my clients to arrive and that I could even take a few photos with my professional camera for them. The couple was happy about this idea, so I told them where to stand. That was when Scott knew that it as now the perfect moment to propose. So he went down on one knee, popped the ring and asked Kennedy to marry him.

Kennedy was so surprise – as you can see on their candid Paris proposal pictures – and also excited and happy and in tears. She really had no idea that Scott would propose to her. As her proposal photographer in Paris I am so happy that the surprise worked out so perfectly. After the proposal I gave them a little moment to celebrate their engagement and then we continued shooting a few more engagement pictures at the Eiffel Tower.

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