Eiffel Tower Micro Wedding in Paris

If you want to plan an Eiffel Tower Micro Wedding in Paris from afar, it’s great if you get some help planning your perfect Paris elopement for yourselves and your guests. Of course your Paris elopement photographer is always here to support you. But you can also hire a professional Paris elopement planner or day of coordinator to make sure you got a stress-free experience eloping to Paris. Megan & Mikhail from South Africa have hired Paris celebrant Laura Montorio, from The Paris Officiant, who officiated their wedding ceremony as was also their Paris elopement planner for their Eiffel Tower Micro Wedding in Paris.

Itinerary Eiffel Tower Micro Wedding in Paris

As their Paris elopement photographer I was working closely together with the officiant and planner, Laura, to create and coordinate a photoshoot itinerary and timeline for this Eiffel Tower micro wedding in Paris according to the wishes of Megan & Mikhail.

We started at the Eiffel Tower with a first look. Mikhail was arriving first at the Eiffel Tower. He was waiting facing the Eiffel Tower for his bride Megan to arrive. She got to the meeting point 5 minutes later. As her experienced Paris elopement photographer I gave her a few tips and then just followed the flow. I loved capturing this sweet moment, when Mikhail saw his beautiful bride for the first time.

After that we took a few first couple photos on Trocadero square with a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower. This is the busiest and most popular photoshoot location in Paris. That’s why we ideally start the wedding photo session at Eiffel Tower Trocadero as early in the morning as possible. With Megan & Mikhail we met there at sunrise and almost had the place just for ourselves.

Then we finally went down to the Eiffel Tower gardens where Paris officiant Laura was already waiting with the wedding guests, the closest family of Megan & Mikhail. This was the perfect quiet and scenic spot for this Eiffel Tower micro wedding in Paris. She officiated a personal and romantic ceremony by incorporating the love story of the couple, a wedding blessing and beautiful wedding vows.

After the ceremony and a group pictures with all the wedding guests, the family went to a cute Parisian Cafe, where they were waiting to celebrate with the newly weds after they had finished their wedding photo shoot. As their Paris elopement photographer I then went together with Megan & Mikhail in their classic French vintage car to elegant Alexander III bridge as well as romantic Luxembourg Gardens to take more Paris mirco wedding picture of the couple.

Itinerary Eiffel Tower Micro Wedding in Paris

Megan & Mikhail not only decided to have a planner and coordinator for their Eiffel Tower micro wedding in Paris for their itinerary and timeline. But also to have someone to arrange and coordinate different Paris wedding vendors for them, to make their Paris elopement perfect and complete.

So apart of me, their English elopement photographer in Paris, their officiant and planner, Laura, also arranged the hair and makeup artist for Megan. The artists came to their hotel very early morning to get the bride ready for her big day. Meanwhile Mikhail was waiting in a different room in their hotel in order not to see Megan before their first look at the Eiffel Tower.

Laura had also arrange a flower bouquet for Megan as well as a classic French vintage. Their chauffeur picked the bride up at the hotel and then drove the couple and me, their Paris elopement photographer, from location to location for their wedding photoshoot.

You don’t necessarily need a planner. As Paris elopement photographer I can also send you contacts and recommendations for other wedding vendors in Paris. But if you prefer to have someone who is arranging and coordinating these vendors for you and is present on your Paris micro wedding day then hiring a Paris elopement planner or a Paris officiant like Laura, who offers these services, is a great idea.

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